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Megan Ramos, MA, LPC

Soul Reflection Healing Arts

Life knows the way

Somatic Therapy, Intuitive Healing

Meet Megan Ramos 

Welcome. I'm so glad you're here. There is so much moving in the world right now. And we need you, in tune with your nature, and expressing the true you. That's what my work is all about. 

It's not just that our symptoms make life less enjoyable than it could be. It's that our symptoms are signals. They carry information and healing wisdom within them. We can listen deeply with what is going on inside of us, and life will show the way to who we really are, and how we express in our nature. 

I've spent the last ten years exploring embodied healing, a lifetime witnessing energetic and relational nuances, and the last six years working with individuals in this realm. It is a joy to continually deepen in practice and integrate new layers of wisdom and how we can weave together in returning to wholeness. I'm so excited to meet you in the process of healing  as we navigate these wild times. I am so happy that you are showing up for the process. 

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

Why Somatic Therapy?

Life is the master healer

Life is the master healer. Aliveness is flowing in and all around us. It literally makes our beingness possible. In somatic therapy, we tune into the living field. Not just within our bodies, but also in the field around us, the relational field, and inside of us. When I say we are tuning in with your nature, I mean nature in the sense of "essence" (who are you in truth?). I also mean, literally nature. We are literally nature. Our bodies are part of the earth, and have natural rhythms just like the natural world around us. Do you ever wonder why it feels so nourishing to spend time in nature? The earth perfectly reflects us, because she holds the template for how aliveness can flow. We can feel and be ourselves more easily in her field, because she is resting as our natural state. When we tune into this natural force within and around us, we find that what lives inside of us naturally wants to return to a state of wholeness. That means our bodies deeply and essentially know the way. 



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Located in Boulder, Colorado

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